Rudrakhsa Yoga

Accomodation + Food

We provide very comfortable, hygienic & peaceful accommodation with or without food facility. You can join our daily activities like yoga, pranayama, mantra chanting, meditation etc. with our yoga teacher. Plan your holidays to world capital of yoga “Rishikesh” with Rudraksha yoga and panchkarma center. About Rishikesh , really wellknown place, A small holy town situated on the bank of holy Ganga and surrounded by green mountains. Rishikesh is a abode of world famous yoga gurus, monks & philosophers like Swami Shivananda, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Chidananda, etc.

Daily yoga

We are offering daily yoga classes for everyone to experience the Yoga. These classes suitable for everyone & includes Asana, basic pranayama, relaxation, meditation etc. If you want to join our daily class schedule you can call us anytime so we can arrange required things at right time.

Ayurveda panchkarma treatment

Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance and well-being. It is one the most effective healing modality in Ayurvedic Medicine. It promotes Detoxification and Rejuvenation. It is recommended on a seasonal basis, as well as when an individual feels out of balance or is experiencing illness.
Therapies used in detoxification are individualized based upon constitutional types, doshic imbalances, age, digestive strength, immune status, season, and a host of other factors. Panchakarma promotes deep purification within the tissues, using safe, gentle methods.

Consultation (Pulse Diagnosis) tridoshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Ayurveda's concept of the Tridoshas is unique to medical science. Ayurveda says the body is made up of tissues (dhatus), waste products (malas), and doshas (loosely translated to Energetic Forces). It is the Tridoshas' job to assist with the creation of all of the various tissues of the body and to remove any unnecessary waste products from the body. It is also the Tridoshas that influence all movements, all transformations, all sensory functions, and many of the other activities in the human body and mind.
When the Tridoshas are balanced, the individual experiences health on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual. This is much more than the mere absence of disease.

Each of the three doshas have certain quantity, qualities, and functions. When all of these are balanced, it is called normal or balanced (Dosha Shamya). This condition is conducive to well-being, health, and wellness. However, this balanced state is not stable; it is always changing. The Doshas will become either increased (vriddhi) or decreased (kasaya). Both of these states lead to ill-health or disease. However, increased Doshas have much more power to cause problems than do decreased Doshas. The important point here is to understand that each dosha has a set of qualities (gunas) associated with it which can increase or decrease in quantity.


Rafting in Rishikesh a great idea of refreshment,
What else can fill your sprit with joy and refreshment except Rafting In Rishikesh, Thrilling on the wave is a ultimate experience for the lifetime , so what you are waiting for ????


Trekking In Uttarakhand is one of the famous adventure sports awaiting the trekking enthusiast in Uttarakhand. One who are fascinated by the unexplored. The mountain ranges of India offer breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes. In the vast amphitheatre of the Uttarakhand Himalayas and Karakorams, there are limitless possibilities for Trekking Tours, Mountaineering, Skiing, and River Rafting tours. Within this alluring arena, the Garhwal and Kumaon regions, occupy the central place, with special points of interest for the trekker.

Sightseeing (Visit uttarakhand's beautiful places )

Uttarakhand, bordered by Nepal and Tibet, and shadowed by towering Himalayan peaks, is full of unspoiled natural beauty. It's divided into two regions -- Garhwal in the north, and Kumaon in the south. Ancient holy places, mountains, forests and valleys, and an abundance of trekking options are some of the attractions that make travel to Uttarakhand worthwhile. Check out top tourist places in Uttarakhand with us.